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Your Questions Answered

Photo: Simon G

Over the last few weeks, readers of Celebrity Bridal Guide submitted questions about bridal jewelry and fashion trends for me to answer. CBG compiled the questions and I answered some really great submissions. Have a look at the full article over on their website.

Here's a sample:

I’m wondering how much to spend on an engagement ring. I’ve often heard the groom should spend about two months salary. Is this a good starting point?

A: The notion of a two months salary guideline is a commonly held belief in the cost of the engagement ring, Dan. Personally, I believe that this should not be a hard and fast rule to be applied. I believe that the man or the couple must determine what they are comfortable spending for an engagement ring within the following framework. An engagement ring is a couple’s unique symbol of having found the perfect soul mate. As such, the quality of the ring (diamond and setting) should reflect the rarity of finding something that special. Additionally, the engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that will be worn daily for life, being subjected to continual wear and tear. As such it needs to be made from materials that will last a lifetime and be able to stand up to the rigors of life – hence the idea of a diamond and platinum ring being the most appropriate ring. Diamonds are an extremely durable gemstone and platinum is a very dense metal and will not wear down as quickly as other metals, making it perfect to not only last a lifetime, but to hold diamonds and gemstones securely.

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